Chef Chul Kee Ko, Chef David Park, Chef Dongchan Lee, Chef Jenny Wang, Chef Luo Jiang Yong and Chef Jay ChoQuyenzi Pham (Findr Group), Monique Tapie (Findr Group), Master Chef Joseph Poon, Luba Tolkachyov (Findr Group)Host Diane Henderiks and Judge Chef AntiorioBarbie MarshallSteve HannHost Diane HenderiksBarbie MarshallMaster Chef Joe PoonJustin AntiorioChef Dongchan LeeChef Jay ChoChef David ParkChef Jenny WangChef Luo JiangChef Chul Kee KoChef Luo's final dishChef Cho's final dishChef Ko's final dishChef Lee's final dish